{"time": 1639302997943, "blocks": [{"id": "XSiJWDNcTq", "type": "paragraph", "data": {"text": "Brand Name: ELM327Type: Car Diagnostic Scanner OBD2 BluetoothHardware Version: V1.5 ELM327Software Version: V2.1 ELM 327Language: English & otherSoftware Update:YesFeatures 1: Super MINI ELM 327 Bluetooth V2.1 / V1.5 for optionalColor: BlueCar Makers: Multi-Brand CarsELM327 V1.5: 1PCB PIC18F25K80 Chip Support 9 Kinds of OBD2 ProtocolsFeatures 2: ELM327 V1.5 Support J1850 Protocol, ATAL and ATPPSSingle PCB 25K80 V1.5 ELM327: Chip is 4MHZ. Bluetooth Module is 24MHZ"}}], "version": "2.22.2"}